Publish since, the SSEASR Journal stands to bring out the genius of the local regional scholarship which generally remains deep buried in international academics. It is for creating a network of scholars in the South and Southeast Asia and to develop healthy academic atmosphere in the region. The SSEASR cooperates with the related agencies in the region. In recent times, Asian scholars have started to 'work within Asia; such trends is further promoted by the SSEASR among Asian scholars who need exposure to the high standard of research being conducted at world's various competent academic institutions. Thus, the SSEASR Journal offers native scholars, writers and artists on culture and religion a platform to join the international fraternity.

The objective of the SSEASR is pursued by means of scholarly activities such as the organisation of conferences, symposia or colloquia; the encouragement of research publications; exchange of information through various means, and such other activities as the Association or its elected officers determine from time to time.

For the benefit of its members, the SSEASR also stands to promote regular academic exchanges and study tours within Asian countries. Such tours are specifically organised for the SSEASR members to enhance their knowledge of the culture and religion of the region.